How is a subscription on Xfinity or Amazon Prime Channels different from my Qello app?

Fabian Dittrich -

In addition to direct subscriptions via our apps or, we've also launched a subscription channel for Xfinity, much like our offering on Amazon Channels.  In both of these instances, the subscription to Qello is managed through Xfinity and Amazon Prime respectively and cannot be cross authenticated (or logged in) using regular Qello credentials.  These are merely “Add On” channels to existing subscriptions through those particular platforms. Another example is the difference between HBO Go (subscribed through cable networks) and HBO NOW (subscribed through Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Roku, ect.).

We apologize for the confusion this might cause.  This is our effort for offering an alternative subscription option for customers with existing cable subscriptions on Xfinity, or Prime Video subscriptions.

While a subscription to Qello via Xfinity or Amazon Channels might be convenient from a billing perspective, a subscription directly through will offer more flexibility to logging in on Qello apps (iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon FireTV, Roku, VewdTV, and more), and using premium features such as track selection, Setlists, and QelloTV, among others.

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