Watch Your LivePhish “Stash” on Stingray Qello

Fabian Dittrich -

1. Visit and sign into your existing account, or sign up for a free Qello account if you don’t already have an account.  
2. Once signed in with your Qello account, visit to connect your LivePhish account.
3. Log in with your LivePhish credentials respectively.  This will connect your LivePhish account directly to your Qello account.
4. Upon doing so, any previously purchased or owned webcasts will now be available to view on the Qello website.  Any future webcasts you purchase will also be available to stream live here as well.
5. Logging into your Qello account on compatible devices (iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, ect.) will also make your “Stash” and live stream pre-orders available on those devices as well.
6. NOTE: If you don’t sign into Qello separately before connecting your LivePhish account, singing into those accounts will automatically create you a new Qello account using those same credentials.
7. NOTE: If using a Roku device, you MUST sign in with your Qello account first before proceeding to Live Events and your LivePhish Stash.  If you skip Qello sign in, and go directly to signing into LivePhish, your Stash will appear empty.  Go back and sign into your Qello account from the settings page first, and then proceed to signing into LivePhish.  If your Stash is still empty, see the troubleshooting tip below.
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