If you’re having trouble seeing your Nugs.net or LivePhish “Stash” on any Qello apps, please follow these steps: 

Fabian Dittrich -

1. Sign out of the Qello app on your device, or delete the app and re-install.
2. Visit https://qello.com and sign into your existing account, or sign up if you don’t already have an account.  
3. Once signed in with your Qello account, visit https://qello.com/partners to connect your Nugs or LivePhish account.
4. Log in using your Nugs or LivePhish credentials.  This will connect your Nugs / LivePhish accounts directly to your Qello account.
5. Upon doing so, any previously purchased or owned webcasts will now be available to view on the Qello website.  Any future webcasts you purchase will also be available to stream live here as well.
6. Logging into your Qello account on compatible devices (iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, ect.) will also make your “Stash” and live stream pre-orders available on those devices as well.
7. Click the Menu and go to “Live Events” - you should now see your Stash.  If you have an empty Stash or see any error messages, delete the Qello app from your device and re-install.  Log into your Qello account on your computer (from Step 2), go to “Settings” and scroll down to Live Stream Providers to double check that LivePhish is connected.  If you don’t see it, go to https://qello.com/partners to connect your LivePhish account again and return to Step 4.  If you continue to have issues after following these steps please email helpdesk@qello.com.
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