Can I save concerts and create a playlist?

Fabian Dittrich -

Stingray Qello allows everyone to create their own personalized experience through MyQ. Save your favorite concerts to MyQ by clicking the heart icon. You can find your favorites by visiting MyQ. View your recently watched concerts and music documentaries, add tracks, and discover new content.

All-Access members can also create video playlists (called Setlists.) You become the curator of the perfect concert for the mood with the Setlists feature. You can create as many Setlists as you would like and they are completely customizable. Setlists are easy to create. On the web, go here: a and click on 'New Setlist' and follow the instructions. Once one song is completed it will automatically bring up and play the next track in your Setlist.

Currently the Setlists will flow to your account across all devices (except for the Sony platform, we are working on this for our next revision). Note: you can watch any of your Setlists or Stingray Qello curated Setlists on Apple TV, but you can't create them on an Apple TV. Create them on the web, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

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