Gift Pass FAQS

How do I redeem a Qello Concerts subscription gift?
If you've received a Qello Concerts subscription gift code, visit
Are you a returning subscriber with a Gift Code?
  1. Log in to your Qello Concerts account and visit your My Qello page.
  2. Click the settings cog then select the "Subscriptions" option..
  3. Beside Qello Concerts, click "Redeem Gift"

Note: If you currently have an active monthly subscription, you must first cancel it to avoid paying monthly charges on top of your new gift subscription. Once your current subscription expires, redeem your Gift.  This will ensure you do not lose time on either your paid account or your gifted subscription.
How do I send a Qello Concerts subscription gift?
To send a Qello Concerts subscription as a gift, from a Web browser, go to, and then select Buy a Gift.
I bought a Qello Concerts Gift pass and the recipient hasn't received the e-mail.
Often our gift passes can get filtered into "Spam" or "Promotional" folders. 

We recommend having the recipient double-check all their e-mail folders ("spam/junk" and "promotions") for their Qello Concerts gifting email.
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